MindScape Technologies  

Little Rock,  AR 
United States
  • Booth: 5035

MindScape Technologies is launching the Celebration System at the MJBizCon Conference in Las Vegas. Interested Enterprise parties can experience the technology on the conference floor, and the full 420 version off-site at the company suite via invitation. Applications for Enterprise clients will be available upon request. The MindScape Celebration System merges 21st-century bio-isolate technology with the digital age - enabling smartphone and VR-controlled administration of “Digital Cannabis” via natural plant cannabinoids, terpenes, and essences released as a cold-nebulized airstream to produce targeted HeadSpace effects without smoke and vaping. Experienced within a public venue, MindScape Celebration Systems are ideal for smoke-free lounges, restaurants, spas, and medical clinics - as well as enlightened corporate wellness programs aimed at balancing productivity and performance enhancement. The core "Digital Cannabis" Mindscape Celebration System is made "fully legal" to accommodate the laws of the State and Country of the venues that manage them. For locations where Hemp-derived THC is legal, then the Celebration systems become a complete "Digital Cannabis Plant" - but without any smoke or Vape effects, thus making them legal for use in public venues as Aromatherapy Diffusers with "Magical Headspace Effects." Such Celebration models are named the Mindscape Celebration 420 Systems. The question is often asked how a fully legal non-THC Mindscape System can create Cannabis-like HeadSpace effects without THC - the answer is in the synergistic effects of the multiple proprietary technologies functioning within the Mindscape Device. Regardless of what the laws are regionally, a MindScape Celebration System can be tailored to fit into any Business Venue that celebrates the responsibility of entertaining and enriching the lives of their community.